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CBS News Covers Juan Vargas' Path To Amputee Soccer

To get to his overnight job flipping burgers and making french fries at a well-known fast food restaurant in Brooklyn, Juan Vargas, 38, leaves the room he shares with another man at a homeless shelter at 9 p.m. on most weekdays to catch the subway.
On Saturday mornings, when he's off from work, Vargas takes the train for more than an hour to Long Island to play with the New York affiliate of the American Amputee Soccer Association, an emerging league for players with limb differences. On Fridays, his other day off, Vargas tries to find pick-up soccer games, using the subway system to get around the city and crutches to get from station to station.
"It's my passion," Vargas said on a recent Friday on the M train, en route to an indoor soccer complex in Queens, where he played with other Venezuelan migrants who had also recently arrived in New York after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Vargas, however, was the only amputee, having lost his entire left leg in 2018.
Full Story: CBS News


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