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About AASA

About Amputee Soccer

Our Sport

We've come a long way since amputee soccer's start by Don Bennett back in 1980. We’re proud to compete on an international stage. The game is played by amputee athletes on a 3/4 size pitch with seven players to a side. The official format for international match play and competition game is 6 v 6 + keepers. Field players use forearm crutches and may play the ball with only one leg. Keepers defend a 7'x16' goal and may only use one arm.


Our Mission

The American Amputee Soccer Association has dual missions. One mission is to promote and develop the sport for the benefit of participants with limb differences. We look to grow the sport for juniors and adults and for women and men.  We look to accomplish this through outreach programs at the local levels to help interested players become introduced to the sport, maximize their proficiency, build self confidence, learn the power of teamwork, and build a strong social network. Our second mission is to select, develop, and train the elite amputee soccer athlete to represent the United States in international competition.


Our Vision
We aim to provide opportunity for all eligible with limb difference to participate in Amputee Soccer.  We aim to develop a network of robust regional teams that will lead to national competitions and tournaments. 

The United States National Amputee Soccer Team is managed by the American Amputee Soccer Association and competes internationally in the World Amputee Football Federation. 

The Association is a proud affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation.

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