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Patch Highlights Christina Kreil Making The U.S. Women's World Cup Roster

(Photo By Bob McParland)

Christina Kreil, a social studies teacher at Richards High School in Oak Lawn, has been selected for the U.S. Women’s National Amputee Soccer Team. She and her teammates will compete at the inaugural World Cup in Colombia in November.
Kreil has battled the extraordinarily rare disease Metastatic Giant Cell Tumor since she was 17. The disease invades bones. She broke her foot in 2015 while rocking her young son. Ultimately the disease required the amputation of her right foot.
“Last year, my leg was amputated from my disease. I thought a lot of things in my life would have to change permanently, like my love for soccer. But I was wrong. Since then I earned my spot on the US National Women’s Amputee Soccer team,” she said.
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Congrats to Christina Kreil for making on the roster for the U.S. Women's Amputee Soccer World Cup roster for the inaugural Women's World Cup.


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