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Melissa Kendall Shares What Led Her To Join US Amputee Soccer With Fox 40 Sacramento

Melissa Kendall is nearly a year removed from a hemipelvectomy surgery that resulted in having her left leg amputated. Kendall, 37, had a rare form of cancer that forced her to lose her leg, but the amputee soccer community has given her a sense of belonging.
“To have them there and show me just how full life can be, whether it can be in regaining function at work, the idea of having the family and carrying a baby, and the fun of joining a sports team, it was definitely eye-opening,” Kendall told “I’m very grateful that the opportunity found me.”
Kendall will be joining the U.S. women’s national amputee soccer team at the Amp Futbol Cup in Warsaw, Poland in September.
Full Story: Fox 40

We welcome Melissa Kendall to our inaugural amputee soccer women's team and look forward to competing in Poland this September. You can help her fight her battle with cancer but donating on her GoFundMe.


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